At Camino Coaching we facilitate your re-connection with nature by making you aware of and bringing you in touch with all your natural senses through nature-based activities. Assisted by the power of nature and the profound metaphors it provides, we facilitate and coach people to become healthier and happier natural beings.

What we offer:

We firmly believe that nature is the ultimate teacher and healer irrespective of the issues and challenges faced in our modern, stressful world. Therefore, all our activities take place outdoors in beautiful, serene and safe settings away from disturbances.

We offer individual and small group coaching at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg and at the Lakeland Estate, Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West Province of South Africa.

Once or twice a year, we choose an easily accessible, slack-packing nature trail that requires moderate fitness and invite people to join us on what we regard as an ‘Espresso Camino’ due to our approach and the programme we follow.

We take small to medium groups (5 – 10 people) for a 2-5-day journey into nature. With our client we choose from a selection of a best-suited locations depending on the composition and needs of the group, cost, convenience and availability.

Facilitator & Coach Anita Botha

I agree with Edgar Cayce, the American prophet and psychic, that said: “In any given moment we are either helping or hurting”. I sincerely desire to help because I care. I regard myself as a facilitator of nature coaching since nature is the real catalyst for change and transformation. My own journey with nature started during my childhood but like so many of us I got caught up in the ‘race of urban life’ building a management consulting practice while being a hands-on mother and wife and, despite spending many family holidays camping in wildlife locations, I became more an observer of nature than an inherent part thereof. Long working hours took its toll, thus in 2009, I found myself exhausted and drained, longing to rediscover those parts of me that I lost.
“There comes a day when the dissonance within self becomes just too much to bear and emotional and spiritual energy run out. It is then that the voice of inner longing breaks through the surface and demands to be heard.” AB, 2010
I realised that I was in dire need of ‘time-out’ and instinctively knew that the balance I sought was to be found in nature. In 2010 I embarked on a partly family-shared but mostly solo walk of the quieter Camino Via de la Plata, covering a distance of approximately 1000km from Seville in Southern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. I walked mostly through countryside and farmlands absorbed in the sounds, smells and other attractions of nature. I savored my solitude and with nature as my teacher, I re-connected with my inner being, my authentic self and became whole again. It was truly a liberating experience. I fully trusted in my Creator and nature to be protective, I only carried what I needed, nothing excessive, a simple life but rich with experience.


On the Camino and since then I have been privileged to have had profound experiences in nature which have firmly put me on a deeply satisfying spiritual journey. I met many angels along the way who touched my soul with their kindness, compassion and generosity. One such person was Jonas. Climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania I temporary lost my sight due to the high altitude and it was Jonas Gerald, our team leader from Team Kilimanjaro, who took my hand and led me down the mountain in such a special way that my highlight of the experience is not the triumph of reaching the summit but the fun I had descending the mountain.

I sincerely believe that nature deficiency steals our health. If, however, we recognise, acknowledge and learn to respect nature’s intelligence and it being the ultimate teacher, healer and balancer of life, nature holds up a mirror for each individual and humanity at various levels and in various ways and it also truly turns up the joy volume of our lives.

I resonate with Eckhart Tolle who says in The Power of Now:
“Negativity is totally unnatural. No other life-form on the planet knows negativity, only humans. Have you ever seen an unhappy flower or a stressed oak tree? Have you come across a depressed dolphin, a frog that has a problem with self-esteem, a cat that cannot relax, or a bird that carries hatred and resentment?”
My other passion is photography which I share with my very supportive husband and beautiful daughter. Photographing wildlife in Chobe, Botswana or in Etosha, Namibia are humbling, soul experiences that so beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness, interdependence and oneness of nature that it always leaves me in awe of the intelligence nature possesses and fills me with the joy of Being.
“If we stand still and not only observe a beautiful sunset but become part of it, the beauty of it brings meaning to our lives overloaded by technology. We need the one but we will get lost without the other – we need both and we need to bring these worlds into balance.” AB, 2015
The most effective way to teach and learn is through own experience and this is what I offer you. In addition, I am also a certified Life and Business Coach, NLP Practitioner registered with Comensa and a lifelong student currently busy with a PhD in Applied Eco-psychology.

Camino (which means ‘the way’) Coaching was established in 2014 to facilitate my own transformation from management consultant to full time facilitator of nature coaching and to serve the larger goal of multiplying the islands of people who can bring the wisdom, peace and intelligence of nature back into our materialistic society.